5-HTP naturally boosts your serotonin levels and so is not suitable to take alongside SSRI medication

The Story of DR Supplements

The Way It Should Be

DR Supplements was founded to make a difference to its customers lives. Using only the very best ingredients, sourced sustainably with no artificial additives, GMO or animal based components in our capsules, you can rest assured that you have nature working on your side.

DR Supplements realised early that the market in the UK was completely saturated with the same product.  An increased number of companies were putting far too many ingredients at low doses, into capsules that just didn't do the job!

Our signature sleep aid DRift... is designed for a restful sleep which makes you feel great in the morning. This is due to some of our ingredients metabolizing in the body into both serotonin in the day, and then melatonin at night.

Our Supplements

Your Wellness

Due to our busy lives, it is often that we forget how to switch off after a busy day and we can't relax and get into the right state of mind for sleep. Our signature sleep aid DRift is designed to promote a calm mood & deep relaxation, making you just DRift off...